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Motif is a member of the
American Dream Employment Network

ADEN provides all the core services that the Social Security Administration (SSA) expects of any EN, as well as additional unique services to Participants that are not required by SSA, to support your success in securing long-term financial stability.

Are you currently working but still receiving Social Security disability cash benefits and have not assigned your Ticket to Work?    Ongoing ADEN employment services include the following:

  • Benefits and Work Incentive Advisement Services –  Whileyou are working it is a critical time for you to be connected with benefits and work incentive advisement from certified personnel. Planning to move off of benefits and on the path to financial self-sufficiency can be achieved through this key ADEN service. 

  • Job Stablization – ADEN staff will support you when you have a new supervisor or the assignment of new job duties.  

  • Job Change or Job Promotion - Considering a new job or applying for a promotion, want to work more hours or need to ask for a job accommodation?  ADEN will assist you with adapting to the work envirnonment and building your career.

  • Community Services –  ADEN staff will help you locate needed community services.

Want to work and currently receiving Social Security disability benefits?  ADEN services include the following:

  • Career Counseling – ADEN staff will review your transferable skills and help you consider an appropriate job match based on your skills and abilities.

  • Benefits and Work Incentive Advisement Services – Whether provided “in-house,” or through referral to a qualified benefits planner, this key service will clarify information on how wages can impact your benefits and health insurance and introduce to you the available SSA Work Incentives.

  • Job Search and Placement – ADEN staff will support your work efforts to discover job leads, prepare you for interviews, and provide action steps to help you enter the workforce.

  • Financial Wellness Strategies – When you assign your Ticket to ADEN, you will be offered the opportunity to access creditable resources and tools that support your financial goals including improved credit, personal financial management, and strategies that promote self-sufficiency. 

  • Long-term Employment Supports – Support doesn’t stop after job placement. You can stay connected to ADEN through the Ticket program for up to 5-7 years to ensure a smooth transition to work, and to continue advisement about SSA disability benefits and work incentives, job accommodations and referrals to financial wellness resources.

Motif is a CRP with Voc Rehab

Using a one-on-one person centered service, Motif provides:

  • WSA

  • Job Development​

  • Job Coaching

  • Discovery

We use our story mapping process to ensure as good a job match as possible. As a skinny company, there's no home office, we prefer to come to you and stay mobile.  We understand the VR process and will gladly help you navigate all of the resources and systems that are involved. 

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Choose Your Own Adventure

Coming Soon!

We are building a series of pre-employment classes for transition age youth!  They will be flexible, person-centered and focused on the needs of your child.  Example topics will be:

Career Exploration

Financial Literacy



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